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org::apache::commons::lang::time::DateUtilsTest Class Reference

Inherits junit::framework::TestCase.

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Detailed Description

Unit tests org.apache.commons.lang.CalendarUtils.

Serge Knystautas

Steven Caswell

Definition at line 78 of file DateUtilsTest.java.

Public Member Functions

 DateUtilsTest (String name)
void testConstructor ()
void testIteratorEx () throws Exception
void testMonthIterator () throws Exception
void testRound () throws Exception
void testTruncate () throws Exception
void testWeekIterator () throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static void assertEquals (String message, Calendar cal1, Calendar cal2, long delta)
static void main (String[] args)
static Test suite ()

Protected Member Functions

void setUp () throws Exception
void tearDown () throws Exception

Package Attributes

Calendar cal1 = null
Calendar cal2 = null
Date date1 = null
Date date2 = null
DateFormat dateParser = null
DateFormat dateTimeParser = null

Static Private Member Functions

static void assertWeekIterator (Iterator it, Calendar start, Calendar end)
static void assertWeekIterator (Iterator it, Date start, Date end)
static void assertWeekIterator (Iterator it, Calendar start)

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